About US

Follow your passion, and success will follow you


To provide our customers with high quality products at affordable prices and excellent after-sales service. To provide carefully selected products to meet and satisfy the needs of our customers.


We believe fashion beauty should be accessible to all, not just to the privileged few. When the company was founded in 2023, we noticed that fashion companies had to choose between showcasing products or reducing inventory pressure and waste. So, we set out to change that by driving the development of alternative processes and technologies to bring fashion into the future. Our digital model caters to customers wherever they are: on mobile devices, online, and social media. We have become one of the most popular shopping apps and continue to attract customers by providing multiple streams of content right within Elixir platform and offering the best online shopping experience.


We reach our customers through the brand's webshop, Instagram, Facebook and Google. We constantly offer our loyal customers ongoing offers and discounts to help them purchase our latest releases.


We choose products that are made from the best raw materials that meet US standards and that do not contain harmful and dangerous substances.